Pellet Extruding Print Head For Large Format 3D Printing

  • The CNC machine has become the "HERO"  in every shop, and everyone knows a hero needs a "Sidekick Generation 2"
  • Stand alone or companion addition to any CNC machine. The "3D Sidekick Generation 2" will allow you to convert your existing machine it to a large scale 3D Printer / Rapid Prototyper 
  • With the "3D Sidekick Generation 2" Direct Pellet Printhead, your designs are no longer limited to your desk top. The only limits are your imagination, "and table size"
  • No more spools of costly filament or trying to make your own, gone are the days of many small parts to achieve the desired part you desire
  • With the "3D Sidekick" pellet extruder, you can use, low cost, easily available and recyclable PLA, ABS, Nylon or any meltable plastic or polymers
  • Large scale 3D Printers are BIG BUCKS, if you can find one that fits your need. If you have one built for you, even BIGGER BUCKS!!!
  • With the "3D Sidekick Generation 2" , you can easily and quickly convert your gantry or overhead CNC machine into an easy to use large format 3D printer or add as a second head to do multiple applications
  • Print in low resolution and use the spindle motor to machine the plastic to a finite detail. Rough in the part with "3D Sidekick Generation 2" , then machine it without moving it from the table. Saving valuable set up and production time.
  • With rapid heat up and a full "3mm" print head, putting plastic on the table is fast and accurate 
  • Thicker build walls, better heat retention and the ability to print multiple parts at one time gives you " production line" printing
  • ​Controlled thru your favorite "slicer" program and with changeable heads, you can completely control the output and resolution of your design

​​Generation 2


Direct Pellet Printhead